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Diorama of Moscow

Diorama of Moscow

A unique Moscow diorama was made in 1977 following a request by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR for the occasion of having a national exhibition in the USA. This diorama became a sensation: every day up to 40 thousand persons came to see it at the Deer Park in New York. Later on, in the 1980s, this diorama was taken to Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany and France. When it finally came back to the home country, it was at first shown at the Exhibition of Economic Achievement in Moscow and later on at the exhibition hall on Namyotkin street. In 2007 the Moscow diorama was acquired by the hotel, carefully restored and refitted. This work required three years (2007-2010) to be completed, as long as the refurbishing and the modernization of the hotel lasted.

The diorama shows the area of downtown Moscow and its surrounding neighborhoods (from Sofiiskaya to Luzhnetskaya Quays) as they looked in 1977. It features multiple details, high degree of precision and accuracy. Lighting equipment create an illusion for changing daylight or night-time effects. During active mode the presentation of the diorama can be followed in Russian, English, French, German and Chinese languages. A screen is available for viewing a slide show. Diorama is available at any time.

  • Name: Moscow Diorama
  • Year when created: 1977
  • Authors: a group of layout artists under painter Efim Deshalyt.
  • Characteristics: scale 1:75, exposition area is ca. 400 sq. m.; the area of the painted canvas is 97.5 sq. m.