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The main accent in the menu is made on the best products from different parts of Russia: beginning from white salmon from Yakutia, zander from Volga region and salmon from Murmansk to a black nut from Caucasus, cloudberries from Arkhangelsk and Altai honey. Creative chef Vlad Piskunov is responsible for the search of unique ingredients and creating dishes.

In menu – ”Dressed” pacific sardine, Fish “Kulebyaka” with smoked sour cream sauce and Murmansk codfish adjoin with Altaian mushroom porridge, Valaam Island cabbage soup and Goose with gooseberry sauce – main dish of this season. For dessert – Basket cake with cottage cheese and blackcurrant jam, Cake “Linden bloom” and Cake “Pigeon milk”, Blinis milfeuille with cottage cheese cream. In the future we plan to frequently update the menu in connection with the gastronomic season and the opening of new local products.

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